Chef's Specials 

45.Shanghai Noodles (Fat noodles) (no meat)

46.Stir-fry Mixed Vegetables

47.Beef & Fry Mixed Vegetables

48.Chicken & Fry Mixed Vegetables

49.Beef with Green Peppers

50.Diced Chicken w/ Vegetable  & Almonds

51.Shrimp & Vegetable in Black Bean Sauce

52.Chicken & Vegetable in Black Bean Sauce

53.Beef & Black Bean Sauce

54.Beef & Tomato Sauce

55.Beef & Broccoli in Oyster Sauce

56.Lemon Chicken (Breaded)

57. Almond Soo Gai (Fried Chicken Breast with Crushed Almond) (Breaded)

58. Moo Goo Gai Pan (Sauteed Chicken w/ Fresh Snow Mushroom)

59.Singapore Noodles (thin rice vermicelli, curry)

60.Beef with Snow Peas & Broccoli

61.Chicken w/ Snow Peas & Broccoli

62.Beef &  Veg Satay Sauce (Chinese BBQ Sauce)

63.Chicken & Veg Satay Sauce (Chinese BBQ Sauce)

64. Chicken with Rice Vermicelli & Vegetable

65. Shrimp with Rice Vermicelli & Vegetable